Lance Hitchings

Lance Hitchings

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First Name * Lance
Last Name * Hitchings
Username * lhitch
Country * US
City Portland
Nationality American
Languages English


Areas of Expertise AdvertistingGraphic DesignVisualisationWeb Designillustration
Preferred Tools modelingtexturinglightingrenderingrigginganimationPhotoshopFlashweb designgraphic designillustrationcompositing w/Shake


Availability: Freelance
Phone number 1-503-342-6707


Most of my work these days consists of creating photorealistic illustrations to be used in marketing communications in a variety of media. Due to the short design-to-market timeline, my clients often require photos of their products before the product itself is out of manufacturing. I fill this need by creating 'photos' of their products from either blueprints or CAD files.

I can also create virtual sets, props, environments; whatever. I am a Maya 3D generalist. Primary skills: modeling, texturing, UV mapping, lighting and rendering. Secondary skills: rigging, animation. Weak in dynamics, FX and MEL; but willing to learn. Proficient in Javascript, ASP, and ActionScript; so I'm pretty confident that I could take on MEL.


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